Do I Really Need to Drink Water After A Massage??

Why does your Massage Therapist ALWAYS tell you to drink water after you get a massage? Do you REALLY need to drink that water?  Ummm.. YES!!

Massage is a fantastic way to reduce stress, improve circulation, increase immunity, reduce fatigue, relieve tension… I could write volumes on the benefits of massage, but for today, let’s focus our attention on drinking water after a massage, shall we?  WHY do we need to consume water AFTER a massage? 


Did you know that the human body is comprised of approximately 70% fluids?  When your Massage Therapist works their “magic”, the various pressure and stroke techniques employed during your massage treatment are all contributors to pushing fluids around.  This is great stuff!  This increases circulation (yay!).. An increase in circulation contributes to restored muscle function, reduction of pain and stiffness, stress relief, and so many other good things. (Massage RULES!)  But wait… did you know that “knot” that’s been bothering you for as long as you can remember is typically a place that blood flow has constricted? Metabolic wastes, chemical by-products and toxins like to hang out in those “knotted” areas, which is typically a cause or contributor of discomfort in the body.  When your Massage Therapist releases that “knot”, bloodflow is restored, which IS a good thing.. But at the same time, in moving the fluids around, the toxins, metabolic wastes and chemical by-products  that were hanging around and causing discomfort are released into the bloodstream. WHAT?? Into the bloodstream?!? (It’s ok, don’t panic.. you got this!) You can release those toxins pretty easily.  HOW do we rid the body of these toxins and wastes?  Simple.  Drink WATER!

hose water

Have you ever gotten up from a massage and felt lightheaded, dizzy, or nauseous? All those metabolic wastes that were released in to your bloodstream are contributors to those post-massage disoriented feelings.  Drinking water after your massage ensures that those toxins and wastes are flushed out of your body, and the potential for headaches, nausea and muscle soreness are also reduced. Drinking water after massage also ensures that potential pain/soreness in the days following your treatment is diminished as well.

So how much water should I drink after my massage? There is a scientifically based formula I could cite, involving a mathematical calculation of body weight divided to get the amount of ounces per day.. blah blah blah..  Let’s keep this really simple, since you are lightheaded and just got off a massage table.. Drink enough water following your massage, to where your urine looks pale yellow to nearly clear.  That’s it.  Drink WATER.  Not coffee, tea, soda.  Listen to your wonderful massage therapist who cares about you even when you’re not on the massage table… Drinking water after your massage should be considered a sacred healing ritual… it really does your body good… so make sure to hydrate and replenish your fluids, and flush your system after that great massage!! (Gulp!)

5 thoughts on “Do I Really Need to Drink Water After A Massage??

  1. Very interesting article. This was also news to me and information that I am happy to have. When I have received a massage in the past I was not told that I needed to drink plenty of water afterwards. Obviously, I was not going to as skilled or as caring a therapist as Camille. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Ok. can I just say (or ask) WHEN IS YOUR NEXT POST COMING OUT?? Loved the context, informtion, and humor! So, my real question is…. does this same principal apply to foam rollers, those “poundy thimagiggers” from Brookstone and the shiatzu chair massagers at the mani-pedi place?

  3. […] advised to stay away from red meat, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.  It is also advised to drink plenty of pure water, and give your body extra rest. Your body is doing powerful work to heal, recalibrate, and balance […]

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