Mercury Retrograde Simplified

It’s coming around again tomorrow.  We have been in the “shadow period” for nearly two weeks already. Can you feel it? Did you know? It’s almost here…

MERCURY RETROGRADE… (Gasp! Eek!! Scream!!)


No, seriously, Mercury Retrograde really isn’t all that bad, if you are aware, and prepared. I’m certainly no astrologist, but I DO have this insanely uber-sensitive ability to “feel” energy and emotion, and before I learned what Mercury Retro actually was, I always had a rough time with it. Let’s break down some basics about Mercury Retrograde, so we can all get through it as swiftly and easily as possible, shall we?

What the heck is Mercury Retrograde, anyway?

Well, in a nutshell, about 3-4 times each year, for a 3 week period of time, the planet Mercury appears to be in a backward motion.  This is an optical illusion, of course, as none of the planets actually go backwards. It’s like when you zip past a slower moving car on the highway, even though both cars are moving forward, the slower one seemingly appears to be moving backward. And so it is with the planet Mercury.  Other planets do this too, but Mercury does it most.

Why does it matter to us that Mercury even goes retrograde?  

Since Mercury is the “messenger planet”, it affects things like communication (such as speaking, negotiating, contracts/documents, buying and selling, mail delivery/shipping) , technology (anything related to technology or electronic devices such as computers, email, phones, TV, cable, etc), and travel (such as traffic jams, delays, road rage).

Mercury also influences the part of our lower minds that process how we perceive and interpret information from our surroundings, and how we relay it to others.  Typically, this retrograde cycle can breed confusion and chaos for us humans on Mother Earth, including misunderstandings, technology malfunctions such as computers crashing or messages not being received, flights delayed or cancelled, plans changing at the last-minute, friends suddenly standing you up…


Things to AVOID during Mercury Retrograde:

Most people tend to see Mercury Retrograde as a negative thing, because most are not aware of the cycle until it’s already in progress, and they are simply not prepared. To the unprepared, it may feel like the world is going haywire all of a sudden! While it doesn’t have to be a surprise, or negative, there ARE a few things you should avoid during this 3 week cycle. This is because the planet Mercury influences communication, technology, and travel.  Things to AVOID during Mercury Retrograde include:  signing important contracts, launching a new business, forming partnerships, making important decisions, and being careless with money or paperwork. 

Uh oh… What if you have an important project or some paperwork that needs to get finished up as we sail right in to Mercury Retrograde? Don’t panic. Complete that project, taking great care to be sure everything is correct. Double check it, then Triple check. Finish up those things you already started. There is no need to suspend the progress of a project already started.  Just avoid starting any brand new, big, major, important projects during this 3 week cycle.


How do you PREPARE yourself for an upcoming Mercury Retrograde?

Simple things, really. Put your office in order. File your papers. Back up your computer. Update your phone. Clean up your inbox. Remain calm. Have patience. Be aware of when Mercury will go into its retrograde cycle. If you are aware of when Mercury is going retrograde, you can anticipate it and prepare yourself. You can easily find the dates for upcoming Mercury Retrogrades online using a search engine, and there are even Mercury Retrograde-specific smart phone apps!

Remember, since energy follows thought, if you THINK this cycle is NEGATIVE, it will be, and you’ll notice all the negative, confusing, chaotic “stuff” that comes along with it… but if you CHOOSE to think this cycle is a POSITIVE, then you will have an easier time of it, and it will be.


A Cosmic Quarterly Review?? Yeah, baby!!

Since “retro” essentially means “backward”, use this 3 weeks to reflect back on where you are in your life. Review current plans or projects in progress. Re-read old journals. Rejuvenate, rest, and reflect. Think of this cycle as a sort of “Cosmic Quarterly Review”.  Catch up on things already in progress, tie up loose ends, handle unfinished business. Look at your plans, and rework them, or revise them, if needed.  This cycle is a GREAT time for personal reflection, inner revelation, out of the box thinking, and a chance to identify underlying patterns so that you can see what’s working and not working.  It’s truly a fantastic time to journal, and for looking back on old journals to see patterns emerge that you may not have consciously recognized.

Mercury Retrograde is like an invitation from the Universe to just “slow it all down”. Be gentle on yourself and others. Have patience. Take time for yourself to relax and re-calibrate your energy. Go with the flow, and have patience. Expect delays. Have patience. Get in touch with old friends. Have patience. Renew yourself and recharge your own battery. Oh, and have patience.


While everyone else is feeling the chaos and confusion, go get a Massage, Crystal Healing, or a Reiki treatment. Write in your journal. Dream. Meditate. Get outside and into nature. Reflect on your dreams and goals. Be gentle on yourself. Before you know it, those 3 weeks will fly by!! Take the time for yourself to re-calibrate your own energy, and you will sail right through Mercury Retrograde with minimal chaos, with ease and grace.


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