Ground Yourself

You know those kind of days… I’m talking about “those days”… where you just feel out-of-sorts, or scattered, or just plain ol’ not quite right? Maybe you feel drained, or tired, or grumpy for no direct reason? Maybe you even feel how my former crystal healing teacher and mentor describes it, “Yuck and Stuck”??  Or perhaps you feel too day-dreamy and swept away in your own thoughts and it’s keeping you unfocused on the work or projects you really need to be working on. When you feel like that, it’s your body’s internal way of telling you that you are ungrounded, or out of balance, and it’s the perfect time to ground yourself. I’m sure you have heard that term: GROUNDING. But what the heck does that even mean?

“The act of grounding ourselves simply means creating balance and stability in your body.”

First, we have to realize that EVERYTHING is ENERGY. Every individual person has its own vibrational energy. So does the earth. So do plants. And animals. Everything has its own vibration or frequency. From Einstein to Deepak Chopra, modern science recognizes that everything is ENERGY! We humans have perception filters that pick up the frequency or vibration around us, and we have a tendency to adapt to whatever energy is around us. This can be a good thing when we are sitting in a lounge chair on the beach..  but how often do we all realistically lounge around in nature? What if you don’t?

I’m sure y’all have heard of EMF’s.. or, ElectroMagnetic Radiation.  This energy comes off of anything electronic: wi-fi and/or wireless technology, cell phones, computers, TV’s, cable boxes, satellites, radios, microwaves, and the like.. Look around your home or office, our society is FILLED with EMF producing items, we surround ourselves with these things continuously and we think nothing of it.

Do y’all even KNOW how these items affect our bodies? 

EMF exposure causes adrenaline production and stress hormone cortisol levels to increase. EMF exposure also causes the feel good hormone dopamine to decrease. When the levels of these hormones are out of balance, we feel things like fatigue, muscle pain, decreased attention span, difficulty concentrating, lack of clarity, insomnia… sound familiar? The wireless and electronic devices we use daily contribute to our feeling “out of sorts”, or UN-GROUNDED.

In addition to EMF exposure, we as a society are also exposed to places filled with positive ions. Don’t let the word “positive” fool you here. Negative ions are actually the good guys that we want hanging around! These negative ions produce biochemical reactions, such as increasing the happy-feel-good-hormone serotonin, lowering depression, relieving stress, and increasing energy! YES! Unfortunately, most of us spend our time in places full of those pesky positive ions… like offices, shopping malls, residential areas, places of industry… Yikes!

So how do we reduce the effects of all of these crazy EMF’s, and bad guy positive ions? How do we GROUND ourselves?  Remember, the act of grounding ourselves simply means creating balance and stability in your body.

Here are some very simple ways to GROUND ourselves:

Get your bare feet on the Earth. Get those tootsies on some natural grass, dirt, or sand. Get those man-made shoes off your feet, and get yourself off the carpet or tile or linoleum floor coverings or concrete for a while.

Take a bath. Use sea salt in your bath, and/or bath appropriate crystals, essential oils, candles. Salt water is especially grounding, so if you don’t have a tub, go for a swim in the ocean or a salt water pool. Relax and unwind.

Crystals. Schedule a Crystal Healing session; use crystals in grids around your work or home; wear crystal jewelry, or put crystals in your pocket or bra; use crystal infused aromatherapy room sprays in your space; use specific crystals as EMF protection around electronics; put Himalayan or rock salt lamps in your personal or work space.

Connect with nature. Spend time with your animals, or in your garden, or get out to the mountains, waterfalls, beaches. Those gorgeous, pristine nature locales in the world are filled with wonderful negative ions. Vacations and get-aways are not only just for fun, they are actually healing!

Cleanse your space.  Increase the negative ions in your space with the Native American tradition of sage smudging or incense; open all your windows for fresh air and circulation; place crystals in your space; turn on fountains; burn pure beeswax candles; use salt lamps in your space. Make your space sacred with a regular cleansing ritual, which will keep the vibrational energy high.

Meditate. Quiet that mind. Take some deep breaths. We are all so darn busy, moving from one thing to the next every second of every day. Take some time to simply “be”. Let go of that mental task list and all those thoughts constantly swirling through your head. Relax a little, it’s really ok. Don’t like the word “meditate”? Then pray. Spend some quality one on one time with your Creator, whatever you may call them. Don’t like the word “pray”? Then get quiet and reflect. Breathe. Just slow down, take some deep breaths, and spend time in quiet solitude.

Exercise. Seriously, move your ass. When we move around with exercise we increase our oxygen intake. Oxygen is GOOD. Exercise also helps your lymphatic system circulate. The lymphatic system delivers nutrients to the body, and carries off waste. If you don’t move, your tissues suffocate from your own metabolic acids and waste. Ewww. Find something you love to do. Dance, walk, run, bounce, stretch, yoga, climb stairs, march to the beat of your own goddess drum.. whatever seems fun and helps you to get up and move, DO THAT. Exercise is also a stress reliever, producing endorphins or “feel good hormones”.. who doesn’t want those??

These, of course, are not the only, definitive ways to ground our energies. These are easy ideas to help you get started, in simple, tangible ways. What are your favorite ways in which y’all ground yourself?  What works for you? I want to know!

One thought on “Ground Yourself

  1. […] to hydrate by drinking plenty of water before and after any bodywork. And do some journaling and grounding if you feel really out of sorts. Always seek professional medical attention for urgent health […]

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