Holiday Happiness

Today is December 12…  Only 13 more shopping days until Christmas… (GASP!!)  Does knowing that freak you out, or make your heart pound??  Why do we put ourselves into such stress at this time of the year? Time, money, calories, parties, ridiculous expectations, go go go… do do do… shop shop shop… Does anyone really enjoy this cycle?? When did this sacred time of year turn into a commercialized stress machine?


Years ago, I felt like I had to do it all “perfect”.  I was always the first to get my holiday cards out into the mail.  I was all shopped and wrapped and tagged before November rolled around. But I don’t do that anymore.  The constant stress it created for me was too much.  I don’t mail holiday cards anymore.  I honestly want to write a personal, heart-felt, meaningful message into each and every card, and I just do not have time.  And holiday cards and their postage are an added expense on my limited, single mom budget.  I don’t shop year round like I used to either.  I have two teenage girls, and whatever I buy, they will find it… their wants and desires change with the wind… and they grow so darned FAST. So, rather than do it all “perfect”… I do it all meaningful and with true gratitude and joy.


I consciously choose to enjoy the season, rather than get caught up in the shopping frenzy.  I choose NOT participate in the Black Friday extravaganza of stress and crowds and financial undoing. Yes, I made a couple of small, budgeted purchases online. Easy peasy, no crowds, and stress free.. and I was in my pajamas with a cup of hot tea when I did it! (That’s true joy right there!)

My girls and I have some really awesome holiday traditions. We have a tree, and twinkle lights, and holiday tunes, and we make it a night of decorating, while we wear silly hats and sing our guts out.  That’s the kind of stuff my kids will remember.  We love to bake, so cookie and candy making will be in store for us one night… yes, even those homemade marshmallows I’m famous for. Doesn’t cost anything to go look at holiday lights and displays around town, so we will fill up some travel mugs with hot cocoa and spend some time cruising the neighborhood. When we get home, we will light candles and have a yummy crock-pot dinner and be grateful for all we have, without spending a dime. Every year, we build and decorate gingerbread houses.  We make an afternoon of it. It’s silly fun, and keeps my girls entertained with a non-electronic, very creative, fun activity for quite a while. That’s always a day of laughter, and something we all look forward to.  We also have a collection of holiday movies that we watch every year, as a tradition.  We will make up a huge bowl of freshly popped organic popcorn with real butter and Redmond Real salt, put on our comfy pjs and fuzzy socks, and snuggle under some blankets to binge watch our favorites. This is the stuff of holiday tradition, full of meaning and joy. This is the stuff my kids will remember and cherish. This is true holiday happiness.

Hot Cocoa Xmas

Don’t get me wrong.. I’m no Scrooge… I did actually purchase a few things for my girls.  And I’ll be making small gifts for those people who are truly close to  me.  I can’t disclose what I’m working on just yet, as those people will read this and I don’t want to give it away (y’all know who you are… and you already know this is totally ME right here, doing it my own way, with love and intention, and I know y’all love me for just being me…)  My point is, there is nothing I need to buy for people at this time of year, to put myself in a position of stress, monetary debt, stress, time constraint, stress, ridiculous holiday expectations, stress… Oh, and did I mention? I CHOOSE not to put myself into a mode of stress. It’s a choice. And, I choose to have Holiday Happiness 🙂

KeepCalm Ornament

What do most people really want, when you think about it? For me, I just want TIME.  And SMILES. And LAUGHTER. And JOY. Oh and HUGS… lots of hugs! And maybe a cookie. Isn’t that what most people want?  Isn’t that what great grandma wants? She just wants to see everyone.  She doesn’t care about that ugly sweater you had to trample 4 people at the Wal-Mart to get.  She just wants to hear the grand kids sing, and maybe she wants a cookie too. Honestly, time together is more precious than any other THING you could ever purchase.  At least, it is for ME.  Maybe that makes me weird.  I don’t think so.  Maybe it makes me wise and sentimental.  I’ll own that. The gift of time and energy is far more valuable than any purchased product on the planet. That’s the stuff of holiday happiness.

Grandma Hug

I know these may be new concepts for some of you reading this.  And maybe you can’t stop the crazy stress cycle today because “the family” won’t like it… I get it. Perhaps I should have written this earlier so you could think about a stress free, simple, truly happy holiday season… My bad for waiting until now!

For those of you in the seasonal crazy-time stress mode, please take time for yourself during this season.  Get a massage, have a Reiki or Crystal Healing session, make yourself a cup of herbal tea, take a bubble bath, go for a walk, diffuse some doTERRA Holiday Joy essential oil into your space… just slow down, and do something to relax and unwind every single day. Do something silly or creative.  Laugh out loud. Dance to holiday tunes.  Walk around the neighborhood and sing. Get a pic taken with Santa if that would make you happy. Take a few moments or an afternoon to really enjoy the meaning and treasures of the season. You will love it, and your stress level will go way way down.  Just be in the moment, and enjoy!


Have a beautiful holiday season, everyone, whatever holiday(s) you may celebrate.  I wish you all beautiful blessings,  wild abundance, blissful joy, and true peace, right now, and in the new year ahead.  May this year be the start of the happiest of holidays for you and yours. I love you all!! xoxo

Girls 2014

Happy Holidays from me and my girls


Hey, gorgeous… What simple, memorable, holiday traditions do you have with your family? Tell me about them, I want to know!

And are you still looking for some simple or unique gifts? Check out my Etsy shop or my doTERRA webpage.  Awesome ideas for just about everyone, and they get delivered right to your door! And no crowds or traffic or parking hassles at all! See? Holiday Happiness, just a click away 🙂

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