From Vision Board to Reality: I ACTUALLY DID IT!

Have you ever worked hard for a big huge goal that you thought was probably unattainable?  But you wanted it so bad, you just kept working on it anyway?  Ever just have an unstoppable drive to do something BIG? Something that you never stopped thinking about? That’s been me for about 3 years now.  I’ve been taking baby steps that didn’t seem to really go anywhere for the last 3 years.  Until recently.  Just recently… IT HAPPENED!! Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

I’ve been a massage therapist for nearly 10 years now. In addition to massage, I also practice reiki, crystal healing, holistic medicine, aromatherapy…  Some of these therapies I have not been able to practice as much or as frequently as I would have liked. Until recently, I’ve always worked for someone else. Deep down, I’ve always wanted to have a place of my own for business. A place to fill with the colors and scents I love, dedicated to relaxation, healing, and serenity, and filled items I’d like to have for working with clients that I maybe couldn’t have under someone else’s rules. A place where I write my own schedule and make my own rules and have the freedom to offer more healing techniques and therapeutic energy services for my clients.

Earlier this year, my dream was realized!!  I am very proud to say White Lotus Wellness Studio is open for business!!  You can check out my website, schedule an appointment online, and find links to social media RIGHT HERE.


Starting a new business is a big deal. Where do you even start? I personally started with creating a vision board. Who knew way back then that today I’d actually have my dream!?! This is how it starts, people.  Plant the seed and reinforce it. Water it regularly.  Watch it grow.  In my case, this vision board still hangs in my living room today, and I still look at it often.  I may put it in the studio one day, but for now, it’s something I do love to look at over a hot cup of tea, and contemplate.  Even now, after opening my studio, it’s near my desk where I’m writing this, and when I look at it, it still makes me smile like a little kid with a glittery shiny bouncy ball.

After I created the vision board, it was like an anchor.  I just couldn’t stop looking at it. I kept thinking… what do I do next?  Know what I did next?  I started writing this blog. I knew nothing about blogging.  But I figured it out. And at first, it was scary. Terrifying, actually.  What if people don’t like what I write?  What if I look like an idiot? What if folks don’t agree with what I have to say?  Isn’t that funny? Anyone who truly knows me knows I don’t usually care what other people think. But writing a blog? That was scary. I started to realize, I have a lot to say, and whether people agree with it or not, it’s still could be valuable information for someone. I have life experiences, education, and wisdom. It made me think hard, that vision board..  So I took a deep breath, held it until I had to breathe in to a brown paper bag a few times… and then I published my very first post. And people actually liked it. And I was encouraged.. then I did it again.  And again.  And again.


Then I created a website around the blog. I got my own domain name. I got a logo. And the feed back was fantastic.  And it all fueled my momentum. I learned how to use a service for newsletters. And then I posted my blog on my Facebook page. More people read it. And the feed back was great! Wow, more momentum! And I kept looking at that vision board.

Then I started writing a business plan. Some of my friends didn’t seem to take that seriously when I talked about it, but the ones who did (y’all know who you are!!) fueled my momentum still. I plugged away at this thing, small steps, continuously for a very long time. I kept looking at that vision board. I never stopped thinking about this project. It was not consuming me, but it was always a thought in my head, some days the idea was definitely on the back burner, but it was always there.  And my vision board was the beacon, always right there, guiding me to my dream.


My original vision board!

So now that I’ve reached my goal… now what?  Where do I go from here? What do I do now?  That’s easy… Make a new vision board!  The coolest thing about vision boards is this: They help you define what your inner most dreams are.  You may think you LOVE LOVE LOVE the mountains… so why do you find you’ve cut out 47 pictures of the ocean? Maybe you say your favorite color is green, when you find you have an entire board full of purple? Get the idea? Cut out images and words or phrases that “speak to your soul”. What catches your eye? What makes you happy inside? What looks exciting, or cool, or fun, or beautiful to you? That’s what you want.  So it’s time for a new vision board, to see where I’ll go next. I’ll let y’all know where I land next. I can’t wait!


PS – Hey kids, have you created yourself a vision board yet? Let’s see ’em.. Show and tell!  What have you created, and where did it take you? I want to know!

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