My Roots In Therapeutic Sports Massage

If you were to meet me and ask what I do, I’d tell you that I am a pain relief specialist.

If you know me personally, you know I’m a huge advocate for a holistic lifestyle, and I do love me some crystals, and energywork. To some people, this stuff sounds kind of “woo woo” or maybe even “new agey”. Yes, I practice energy healing and crystal therapy in my wellness studio. But don’t let the crystals or energy stuff fool you.

I love my holistic wellness career, but my roots are in Sports Massage.

I’ve got well over a decade of clinical professional therapeutic massage experience, and not just that fluffy, relaxation type stuff.  I might sound “woo woo” sometimes when I speak, and maybe I even seem kind of “weird” with my energy and crystal therapy work… but did y’all know? I’m a former seasoned endurance athlete, and I hold an advanced diploma in Sports Massage.


This is an actual photo of ME, back in my running days

Once upon a time, I was a runner. Now, I was not a fast runner, but I could run almost forever. I decided I loved running so much, I started running road races, mostly 5Ks and 10Ks.  Then I joined a marathon training group where I trained with other people just as tough and crazy as me. Then I ran half marathons and full marathons. Eventually I started coaching beginner runners.  I also took up weight training.  And Pilates.  Oh I love me some Pilates.  I’ve even been featured on 2 international fitness infommercials for Pilates.

Pilates 004

Me, with Mari Winsor, circa 2005

With all the running and other sports related activities I’ve done, I’ve had my fair share of overuse afflictions, gait imbalances, and athletic injuries.  Therapeutic Massage helped me TREMENDOUSLY in every sport or activity I’ve ever tried, and I always thought that if I ever was going to start a new career, I’d want to practice massage. And then…

Several years later, I found myself in the middle of a divorce, and I needed to find some sort of work to do.  After nearly 6 years of not working (because I was a stay at home mom), I found stepping back into the job market “challenging” to say the least.

Stopping my corporate career to be a stay at home mom was the best decision I’ve ever made, but trying to start over again years later was really tough.  How do you get back into the workforce with a big gap in your job history, and still be able to be there for your kids?  As the initial job hunt proved to be uneventful, I decided to look into going back to school.  That’s right… MASSAGE SCHOOL!

No Whining

The back of one of my old coaching jerseys… great motivation for both sports and life!

When I enrolled in massage school, I chose an Advanced Sports Massage program at a school with a stellar reputation and exceptional instructors.  I wanted to know EVERYTHING I could know about sports massage and working with athletes, and this was the place to do it.

Turns out, because of some of the experiences I’d had as an athlete, I was able to really relate and understand the material on a very personal level, and apply it appropriately to my clients along with my own personal stories or anecdotes.  I felt like I was EXACTLY where I was supposed to be!

Having that background in endurance running, athletics, and coaching gives me some very real “street cred” when I speak with clients, especially when I talk about things like the benefits of massage, the importance of drinking water after a massage, or when I make the recommendation of using a foam roller. My experience in athletics and sports massage techniques also helped when I worked in various chiropractor offices, where a more therapeutic work is often required.

Athletes require more than the average client when it comes to massage technique. I can help any client relax, no problem.  But with sports, there is so much more to it than relaxation!

I’m schooled and experienced in functional therapeutic work such as Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy, Active/Soft Tissue Release, and other deep tissue massage techniques.  I’m also experienced in specialized modalities such as Advanced Head, Neck, & Extremities Techniques, Pre & Post Sports Event Techniques, and Musculoskeletal Alignment. In addition to these, I’m also highly skilled in Manual Lymphatic Drainage and Compassionate Touch, when injuries or even worse conditions occur.

What happens when you take my athletic background and skills and experience in advanced sports massage techniques, and add into the mix my intuitive abilities and my experience with energy work? Whelp… It’s pretty powerful stuffs.

Sometimes physical symptoms can be a result of an emotional issue left unresolved. Whether the pain is physical or emotional, I can help! Therapeutic Massage techniques help relieve pain and restore funcion in the physical tissue, and Energy Work addresses the emotional issues that may be associated with or related to the physical pain.

Time and again, clients are amazed at how I’m able to pinpoint the exact source of pain, and relieve it. Sometimes clients come in injured with a swollen ankle or knee, and I’ll apply functional therapy techniques, and the client leaves with the swelling noticeably reduced and their pain significantly diminished. I’ve had clients come in with a stiff neck or shoulder, worried they won’t be able to compete in their event or game, and I am able to address the imbalance, provide pain relief, and restore function.

Anyone who has ever run a marathon will tell you, it’s every bit as mental as it is physical. Those energy work techniques can also help an athlete balance their mind-body connection, helping them to hone their focus as well as relax their muscles.

And how about massage for post workout or post sports event, for better recovery and reduced soreness, which ultimately improves performance? If you are an athlete, you need massage… and I can absolutely help!

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Are you an athlete? Weekend warrior? Professional status beer curler? I want to hear about how massage has helped you in your sport..  and the positive effects of how you feel, not just in sports, but how massage has helped you in your every day life as well!

Love, Cam xoxo


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