Business and Life Planning 101

What’s the secret to turning your dreams into goals, and then actually reaching them?  Quite simply… the answer starts with HAVING A PLAN!

As a single mom, an employee at a job, and as a small business owner, my time is stretched pretty thin most days. In between working two places, fulfilling continuing education requirements, learning by doing in running and operating a business, taking kids to activities, feeding 2 teenagers, and carving out “me time”, I hardly have time to blink some days.  And yet…

In the last year, I’ve started, opened, and launched a successful small business.  I’ve taken and successfully completed classes for continuing education in my field as well as learning about business. I’ve written blogs, newsletters, and articles consistently. I’ve attended all of my kids performances and activities (and I have 2 VERY talented and busy girls!). I’ve created my business website and launched a line of retail items in my healing business. And most of the time my house is actually clean, too!

I don’t say all this to brag.  I say this to demonstrate that, like most people, I’m pretty darn busy.

So how did I accomplish so very much when I have so many things going on? It’s very simple. I used tools made specifically for creative goddesses to plan, create, and grow the life they want!

For the past several years, I have used Leonie Dawson’s Life+Biz Workbooks to help me not only define my dreams and goals, but to keep me on track to reach and exceed them! These workbooks have been such FABULOUS tools for me to create BIG change in my life! Now… I’m NOT usually one to promote something I haven’t used myself or absolutely loved with all of my heart. So just know.. I have personally used these for several years, and I can say with all my heart that I LOVE THESE WORKBOOKS!


If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, you may recall seeing this picture of the 2015 Planner! **If you don’t follow me on social media yet (what??), you can find me on each site as /camshands

What do I love about Leonie’s Life+Biz Planners? So many things… They are beautifully illustrated with gorgeous color.. that alone sings to my creative soul.  There are pages dedicated to closing out and celebrating the year ending (AWESOMENESS!), and creating new tangible focused goals beginning the new year (YES!!), which has been a HUGE help for me. There are monthly goal planning/review pages to help you stay on track (YEAH BABY!), which have been GINORMOUSLY helpful in reaching and exceeding my goals, and the whole thing is laid out in a positive, happy energy that keeps me focused. The 2016 version has even more goodies to help me stay on track on a daily basis!  Squeeeeeee! I’m SO EXCITED!!

Leonie’s workbooks have helped me to not only define my goals, but to TRULY FOCUS on them.. they have shown me how to map out a plan to reach them, and have also helped me celebrate milestones and accomplishments when I do! And honestly, for 2015, I’ve not only reached ALL the goals I set out for myself, I’ve crushed and EXCEEDED them! And it’s only November 9th, y’all!!

What’s the secret to turning your dreams into goals, and then actually reaching them?  Quite simply… the answer starts with HAVING A PLAN!

If you’re starting to think about what you want to accomplish next year, already… I highly, strongly, really really REALLY recommend you get the 2016 Workbooks. Order yours NOW so you can start mapping out the goals and dreams you want to reach in 2016! Get one for you, and get some for the beloved friends and family on your holiday list.. they make awesome gifts! Buy the bundle, or buy individual items that suit your needs. Both digital downloads or hard copy paper versions are available! You can even order your planners RIGHT HERE:


Look, you can start the new year with a list of resolutions that you know you’ll eventually use as a piece of scratch paper halfway into January.. most of the world does that, right? OR.. you can start the new year with a closing ceremony on the year ending, and then set yourself up for success and focus in the new year with mapped out goals and tangible ways to to reach them. Time will march on either way. With these tools, time will pass with you focused and actually reaching in glorious, creative ways a happier life where you achieve BIG goals, ride wild donkeys, and pass the moon in achievements!

Love, Cam xoxo

Hey you.. What are you waiting for? Seriously.. GET ONE!  Get one right now. DO IT. You will be so happy you did!


PS- This post contains affiliate links. I only ever ever EVER promote or suggest products that I have used personally, and have 1 million percent trust in. An affiliate link gives me credit when you make a purchase. Your price is the same as if you found this item on your own, but when you use the links in this post, I get a small stipend for promoting the product (we both win!). Help a single mama out, use these links, you will LOVE the planners, I pinky swear!! And please, let me know how much you love these tools, too!

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