What Is Crystal Healing?

When I tell people I work with crystals, or that I practice Crystal Healing, or that I’m a Certified Crystal Healer, their initial reactions are quite amusing.  They all get this “look” on their face. Sometimes it’s just raised eyebrows. Sometimes, it’s total confusion at a new idea. And sometimes, they just look at me like I have 3 heads. Yes, friends, Crystal Healing is really a thing!


My Certified Crystal Healer certification from Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy

I know, Crystal Healing sounds kind of “woo woo” and “new agey”… but did you know that crystals have been used in healing practices since ancient times? Native and Indigenous cultures, Ancient Egypt, and Ancient China all have references to the usage of healing crystals. There are also references to the application of crystals for healing and protection in the bible.

So… how does a lil ol’ “rock” work in a healing practice, exactly?

First, lets understand that science has proven that everything has vibration. People, animals, plants, the earth… we all have vibration. Even crystals have vibration. Crystals are grown in the Earth, and are naturally occurring minerals with their own individual vibration, too.

FullSizeRender (1)

Crystal specimens from my personal collection. Apophylite (left), and Celestite (right)

Crystals hold a vibration that is scientifically recognized as steady and consistent. Did you know our modern world uses crystals in wrist watches, medical equipment, computers, etc? This is because of the consistent, steady vibration held in the crystalline structure.

People, on the other hand, have erratic vibration. The vibration in any individual person can be knocked out of balance by many factors, including illness, injury, trauma, emotions, accidents, etc.

So… HOW does crystal healing work for healing people?

By placing a crystal with it’s stable, constant vibration onto specific areas of the physical body, the body will attune, or align, it’s erratic vibration with that of the constant vibration of the crystal, thus bringing the body back into energetic balance.

And WHAT can one expect in a Crystal Healing session?

In a professional setting, a crystal healing session is practiced in a calm, serene environment. The client lays on a massage table, and can choose to be fully clothed or relax under the covers, whatever their comfort level allows. This work is gentle, deeply relaxing, rejuvenating, and requires minimal contact. Your crystal practitioner will identify areas of imbalance, and then proceed to place crystals and stones on or around the body while you relax.

After the session, the client usually feels very relaxed, grounded, and well rested.

Is Crystal Healing Only Available In A Professional Tretment Room??

Nooooo. Carrying crystals or having them around you can effect change in your energy, too!

Just having crystals in your personal space can be very healing.

In a home setting, having crystals in your environment raises the vibration and lifts the energy of the space. You can place crystals in different areas of your home, such as in the practice of feng shui.

Crystals can be worn as jewelry, or carried in a pocket or pouch.

Some crystals can even be placed in water and the water can be consumed (always consult a toxic stones list before consuming ANY crystal infused water!).

Crystals can be placed in your bubble bath, or added in to your room spray to add their energy and enhance the vibration in any space.

Crystals can also be placed in an office to neutralize the effects of EMF from computers and electronics!

Crystals can be arranged in a mandala or grid pattern with a specific intention to amplify that intention.


Example of a crystal grid, just one of many ways to work with crystals

There are endless ways to work with crystals to add energetic vibration and enhance your wellness and well being! Stay tuned for more posts on ways to utilize crystals… natures beautiful healing helpers!

Love, Cam xoxo

PS- Do you have a question about crystal healing? Have you experienced a crystal healing session? I’d love to hear your experience!

NOTE: Crystal Healing is NOT a substitute for professional medical care, and is NOT meant to replace conventional medical treatments, but rather to complement and enhance them. Information on this site is by no means medical and should not in any way be used or applied as such.


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