What is Reiki?

As both an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Karuna Ki Reiki Master, I am often asked to explain what Reiki is. The short answer is that Reiki is “healing energy”. But what does that mean, really? Let’s break down the concept of Reiki Energy for the purposes of learning and understanding the basics:

Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is a Japanese word derived from two Japanese characters:      “Rei” and “Ki”. 

Rei is Japanese for Spiritual Wisdom, or Sacred Essence, and can also be interpreted as Universal, or All Encompassing, or All Knowing. Rei is what you may think of as your Higher Power, Holy Spirit, Inner Self, or Universal Mind.

Ki is Japanese for Energy, or more specifically, Life Force energy. This is the same unseen energy referred to as Chi in Chinese, or Prana in Sanskrit. Ki represents the Physical Energy of Nature, or Vital Life Force Energy, or Light. This is the energy that flows through all things at all times, and it’s the energy that binds all living things together. There is unlimited amounts of Ki flowing into and around the Earth, and anyone can harness this energy for healing and/or strength.

Reiki literally translates to “Spiritual Energy”. Other translations include Universal Energy, or Soul Energy.

Reiki is a method of drawing on concentrated spiritual or life force energy, and radiating it.

Think of Reiki as Universal Love & Healing, flowing through the hands of the practitioner.

A Reiki Practitioner is merely a channel through which this healing energy flows. A practitioner must have been “attuned” to the energy, or initiated to the energy, by a Reiki Master Teacher. Reiki Energy may only be utilized with the intention for the recipient’s Highest Good, and the energy will always flow to where the recipient needs it most. This is a spiritually based practice, yet it is not religious. Reiki Energy bridges the spiritual practices from many cultures and encompasses all religions, weaving together worldwide ecumenical ties.

The concept of Reiki may seem very “woo woo” or “new-agey” to skeptics, because it is not easily proven or scientifically explained. People tend to dismiss what they can’t see or touch, right? Yet this healing energy has been around for hundreds of years. The best way to truly understand Reiki is to have a personal experience with this beautiful energy.

I often have massage clients ask about Reiki, and I will happily incorporate a 5 minute demonstration during their massage session so they can better understand this healing work in a tangible way. I can attempt to verbally explain Reiki, I can recommend a multitude of books, and I can direct inquiring minds to various websites, but a few minutes experiencing Reiki Energy will explain the concept quicker and more completely than anyone ever could in a verbal or written way.

What can someone expect when they receive a Reiki Energy treatment? This healing energy involves relaxing on a massage table. The client may either be fully clothed, or  in some cases, undressed (such as incorporating Reiki during a massage session). Whether clothed or undressed, the client relaxes under a soft blanket and is covered at all times. Reiki differs from massage, in that it is a minimal touch treatment. The practitioner will place their hands on or above the body over the chakra energy centers and other key areas as they direct the flow of energy. The Reiki Energy itself will flow to where the client needs it most. The client will experience the session as a deeply relaxing treatment; often times, clients fall asleep.

As mentioned above, Reiki is hundreds of years old. It was rediscovered in the East, and was brought to the West in the early 1900s. In our modern culture, Reiki Energy is gaining mainstream acceptance within the medical community in places such as operating rooms, cancer treatment centers, mental health facilities, and holistic wellness centers. Reiki works to balance energy on all 4 levels of human existence: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. Reiki was even practiced on the first responders during 9/11, to help them cope with the emotional  and mental trauma of those horrific events.

A Reiki Energy session can be performed as a stand alone treatment, or may be combined with massage or incorporated into a crystal healing treatment session.  Reiki Healing can also be performed as a hands-on, in-person treatment, or Reiki can be just as powerfully effective sent as a distance healing treatment. This healing energy may be applied to humans, animals, plants, and more! Reiki Energy can transcend time, space, and distance.

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Love, Cam xoxo

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NOTE: Reiki is NOT a substitute for professional medical care, and is NOT meant to replace conventional medical treatments, but rather to complement and enhance them. Information on this site is by no means medical and should not in any way be used or applied as such.


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