There Was A Buddha In My Office

The therapeutic work I practice… Massage Therapy, Energy Healing, Aromatherapy, Holistic Wellness, et al.. is highly spiritual in nature.

For the record, and for the specific purposes of this blog post, you might be interested to know that I see spirituality and religion as two separate things. I’ll write more on this subject another time. For today, we are talking about healing work as being spiritual work. And why there was a Buddha in my office.

When my wellness studio was in operation, I had a Buddha statue in the corner of the room, visible to all who entered. This statue was a tangible reminder of the very intention I founded my business on, which was and still is to help people in achieving balance and wellness in body~mind~spirit, and to always work for the Highest Good of All.

The presence of that Buddha statue reinforced for me my spiritual purpose and my intention in business every single day.

The fact that Buddha, who was a spiritual teacher, is seen as a religious icon resulted in mixed reactions from clients, friends, and family. Most people never commented about the Buddha statue at all. Some felt the statue lent a sense of serenity to the healing space. Some people loved the statue and it opened up a a number of great discussions. One friend in particular was downright offended that a Buddha statue was there.

It deeply saddened me that anyone would be offended over a statue. Did that person, who knew me for years, wonder WHY I even had the statue in that space? Unfortunately, that person was not at all open to discuss it when they voiced their opinion.

How ironic that the posture this particular Buddha statue sits in, is symbolic for the Unity of Wisdom and Compassion.

No matter what anyone’s religious affiliation or spiritual beliefs may be, we are all connected. The primary teaching of every religion is basically to treat each other as we would like to be treated. The one person who did not treat me in such a way was the one who was very devout in her religion.

Out of this very situation.. someone being offended by the Buddha statue, and not being open to discuss it.. ultimately turned this very statue into a representation of a new lesson in compassion for me. Without even knowing it, that person showed me the importance of having compassion and an open mind while standing in one’s own Truth and beliefs. That person didn’t, of course, have either compassion or an open mind… but even in the absence of those things, this situation showed me with clarity how compassion can bring about understanding and healing. How beautiful!

Please, people… be kind to each other. When you enter a healing space, where there is sacred work being done that helps people, please have an open mind and compassion. There may be tools in that space that can cause you to raise an eyebrow. Ask about them. You don’t have to believe what that practitioner believes. You might be surprised to find you DO believe the same thing the practitioner believes. We are all called to help others, and relieve suffering. We are all connected.

So, yeah… there was a Buddha in my office. And he was a spiritual teacher. One of us got the lesson. Unfortunately, the other one did not. I honor the lesson, and I honor the individual that brought the lesson to me. I hope one day that person really gets the lesson and receives it in a more loving way than I did.

Now, dear friends, go forth and treat others how you would like to be treated out there in the world. Even if there might be a Buddha statue in the room.


Cam xoxo


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