Healing Crisis

What is this thing called a Healing Crisis?

Have you ever had a massage or energy session and then afterward felt “off”?  I’m talking about the sort of feeling like being uber-emotional, or angry for no reason, or lethargic, or just plain yucky..  Maybe you had a headache that wouldn’t go away, or you felt nauseous.. Why does this happen? And is it normal?

When we work with the body, whether it’s the physical body or the energetic or etheric body, we can experience a sudden release of energy. This release of energy can potentially include physical symptoms, as well as emotional release, visions, and/or intense dreaming.  Any therapeutic bodywork accelerates the cycles of the body and stimulate it’s ability to self heal. These are actually good, although they can be uncomfortable.

As in the case of Massage Therapy, the first 24-48 hours after any massage or bodywork treatment is a time where the physical body and the subtle energy layers of the body are recalibrating. Some people may feel fantastic, while others may feel unusually emotional, moody, tired, experience weird dreams, or just plain feel out of sorts. This phenomenon does not mean anything is wrong; rather, it means the bodywork is working perfectly!

As in the case of Crystal Healing, the crystals continue to make an enormous impact on your energy field for at least 48-72 after working with crystals. Crystals hold a constant vibration, while humans tend to have a more erratic vibration that is easily affected or knocked out of balance by trauma, emotions, illness, injury, and more. Aside from a dedicated healing session, just keeping a crystal with you during a typical day may help to balance and maintain the human vibration. Emotional release and physical symptoms may occur after a healing session. This also means the bodywork is working perfectly.

As in the case of Reiki Energy, generally, the first 21-30 days after one receives a Reiki attunement, or starts practicing self Reiki, is commonly known as a “cleansing period”.  During this cleansing period, it is generally advised to stay away from red meat, caffeine, nicotine, and alcohol.  It is also advised to drink plenty of pure water, and give your body extra rest. Your body is doing powerful work to heal, recalibrate, and balance itself. Emotional release and physical symptoms may occur during this period, as well.

In Holistic/Herbal Medicine, healing symptoms may seem more physically severe, and may occur as the body exchanges something of poor quality for something better. Healing symptoms are telling you that your body is expelling the bad and replacing it with good! The body will expel toxins through it’s detoxification channels: lungs, colon, skin, and kidneys.  Sometimes this detoxification process can become temporarily uncomfortable, producing such symptoms as skin rashes, bad breath, body odor, intestinal disturbance such as diarrhea, headaches, itching, and skin blemishes. Sometimes, colds or fevers may present themselves.

No matter what modality of bodywork you receive, they can all potentially result in a healing crisis, which may result in temporary physical, emotional, and or mental symptoms caused by repelling illness or imbalance from the body. Don’t panic! The symptoms after bodywork are indicating that the sessions are working. Symptoms or after effects typically dissipate within 24 – 48 hours.

Be gentle on yourself after any massage, bodywork, or energy work session. Remember to hydrate by drinking plenty of water before and after any bodywork. And do some journaling and grounding if you feel really out of sorts. Always seek professional medical attention for urgent health issues, should unusual symptoms arise. Restoring balance in the body mind and spirit can sometimes be hard work, but so very worth it!!

Love, Cam xoxo

Have YOU ever had a healing crisis after massage, bodywork, energy work, or a holistic treatment? How did you work through it? I want to hear your story!

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