Essential Oil Choices

In my own home, and in my professional wellness practice, I use and work with essential oils regularly. I have worked with many different brands of essential oils, over many years, with great success. Aromatherapy, and it’s essential oils, are fantastic tools that work on physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual levels to bring about harmony, balance, and wellness in the human body.

Often, when a client approaches me with questions about essential oils, they will ask which brand of oils are the best. I’ve also had the experience of speaking with other healers who work with essential oils, and I found that practitioners seem to all fall into a few different camps regarding the brand of oils we prefer. I have noticed, people tend to ask what brand is best, rather than what quality is best, when choosing an essential oil.

About a year ago, a bodyworker colleague contacted me to ask about my healing practice. She specifically asked if I work with essential oils. We discovered that we were both BIG advocates for aromatherapy, and we ended up having the best discussion!

And then… IT happened… she asked what brand of aromatherapy products I use. When she learned I primarily used a competitor brand to her brand, a funny thing happened. She almost took a physical step back. I am pretty sure I heard her gasp. And she seemed to lose all enthusiasm in our conversation. It was quite an interesting observation that made me think hard about the marketing and branding in the products I work with, and the general consensus among people who use them in healing work.

While I may still be enrolled as an advocate for one or more essential oil companies, I am not currently active with any. I took a HUGE step back earlier this year from the company I was aligned with. I do believe they have very good and effective products. I do whole heartedly believe that the essential oils they produce are of high quality. But something about the branding and multi-level marketing (MLM) business model as a whole is lacking for me.

Here is my big ol’ personal opinion about essential oils… I know my opinion may ruffle a lot of feathers, but please realize, it’s simply MY personal opinion. I am not looking for any debate. You certainly do not have to agree with me, but I truly hope y’all will at least consider my thoughts here. Ready? Here it is…

I do not personally believe the  MLM format is the very best way to obtain oils. I know it works for many people, and if something works for you, then keep on keepin’ on, sister. I realize people have made prosperous businesses for themselves with the MLM business model, and good for you, if you have. But for me personally, that business model does not fit me or my values. To be crystal clear, I am not at all bashing any company or product line, nor am I suggesting anyone stop working with any oil company that works for them. I’m simply stating my opinion about what works for me personally.

Whether you thrive in an MLM company and have a fantastic product and a spectacular, supportive up line, or not, the bottom line is this: Good quality Essential Oils, when used properly and as recommended, help people in a myriad of ways. That’s it. Any good quality oil. Not just any one brand.

If you choose your oils from a company that works to harvest their product by sustainable means, treats their workers and farmers with integrity, and produces a pure product that is not adulterated or synthesized, then the oils will positively benefit the user. Yay! That’s what we all want, right?

I do not personally care what label or company logo is on the bottle. I’m in the business of helping people. If someone wants to work with oils, there are a wide variety of options out there to choose from. Does an expensive price tag mean that one oil is better than a less expensive choice? Not always. In my opinion, there are lots of good, and effective, options that come with a variety of price tags.

When choosing an essential oil, look for words like 100% pure, or wild crafted, or organic, or therapeutic grade oil no matter what brand you choose. There are quite a variety that come up in a google search. Do your own research. Choose the oils that resonate with you, not just because they smell good, or because they are popular, or because you recognize the label… choose your oils because you feel good about who makes them and how they are produced.

There are great books and resources out there from different companies, that have wonderful information. Do your own research and make an informed choice. I personally honor whatever choice you make, if it’s an informed choice that you feel is the right one for YOU.

I do realize that this post may seem contradictory to previous posts I’ve written about oils. Why? Because I’ve given this quite a lot of deep and thoughtful contemplation over the course of the last year. I’ve personally worked with many different brands of essential oils, and I’ve seen some wonderfully effective results from lesser known oil companies that are still producing beautifully pure oils, but maybe not many people have heard of them because they fall outside the scope of the popular MLM branding.

As a consumer, and as an educated authority people trust with wellness for more than a decade, I will always recommend what I believe is in the best and highest good for all. Are the MLM oil companies producing great products? Yes, they are. But know that there are lesser known companies that also make great quality products as well, often at a lower price point. Do your own research. And find what oils work best for you.

Love, Cam xoxo

I anticipate I will likely receive quite a lot of other people’s opinions on this issue. Bring them on. Let’s have a great, informative, and respectful discussion! Have you got a favorite oil brand? Tell me about it. What specifically about it makes it your favorite? How did you come to choose that brand?  And is it produced by a small company or a MLM company? Tell me, I want to know!

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