Please Stay Home

Have you ever had a massage appointment scheduled and you felt ill, and weren’t sure whether to get that massage or not? Are there ever situations when you should cancel or reschedule your massage appointment?

Yes, Yes, Yes… YES there ARE reasons why you should reschedule your session. There are definitely times when massage therapy is NOT appropriate. There are situations called contraindications, which is basically an industry term that means DON’T DO IT.


Recently, I had a client come in for a massage appointment, and she was clearly very ill. When I asked her what was wrong, she told me she had a fever. So, I sent her home. Yes, sometimes, we massage therapists will send you home. The client came in the next week, fully symptomatic. Sneezing, coughing, running nose.. all the blessings of the flu. Please, friends… reschedule your appointment when you are sick. Seriously. PLEASE STAY HOME.

Y’all.. this should be common sense, but this actually happens often. If you have a fever or are very ill, and you are scheduled for a massage or bodywork session… PLEASE STAY HOME.

Honestly, if you come to me and I even think you have a fever, I WILL absolutely send you home. Even if you get mad or argue. Because I care about you.


When you are ill, or sick.. any massage or bodywork session can potentially make you worse. If you are at the beginning stages of a slight cold, or at the very end stages of a bug, then a session may potentially help you feel better. But.. if you are in full-blown fever, chills, running nose, sore throat, coughing, fever, flu… PLEASE STAY HOME… or we will send you home.

Please do not share the wealth of your symptoms. Not only can massage therapy make you worse when you are sick, but your coughing and sneezing can potentially make me sick, as well as the clients after your session. We are in an enclosed space with each other during your treatment. We massage therapists do our best to sanitize our treatment room after each client, but we can’t control airborne illness if a client before you comes in and coughs up a lung for an hour.


Now… what if you just got a flu shot, or other vaccination? Most people don’t know it, but sometimes vaccines can result in after effects or symptoms of illness. And some vaccinations cause symptoms that can potentially shed for a few days after your injection. That’s right.. if you get a flu shot or other vaccination, and you become symptomatic, your symptoms can potentially shed the virus that was in the injection. If you just got a flu shot, or any vaccine, PLEASE STAY HOME. If you have gotten an injection of any kind, it’s best to wait a few days to schedule your session, as the injection site may be sore, or massage can potentially make the virus spread through your system more quickly and make you ill.


Beyond being sick or having a fever, when else should you stay home? Here is a list of reasons to reschedule your session.. please note this is not a definitive list:

If you have severe sunburn, rash, contagious skin condition, burns, open wounds/cuts/abrasions, head lice, or a wart condition, PLEASE STAY HOME.

If you have acute infection, inflammation, thrombosis, or blood clots.. or if you are on blood thinners.. PLEASE STAY HOME.

If you have a fresh, acute injury, PLEASE STAY HOME. With most injuries, it’s advisable to wait 72 hours before applying massage treatment. Working on an injury right away can potentially make an injury worse.


If you are less than 12 weeks pregnant, PLEASE STAY HOME. Your baby is most vulnerable and at the greatest risk of miscarriage in those first 12 weeks. If you feel you must get massage during that first trimester, please seek out a qualified massage therapist who is specifically certified in prenatal massage.


If you have cancer, or think you may have a cancerous condition, PLEASE STAY HOME. Massage moves lymphatic fluids around, and since cancer potentially moves through the lymphatic system, it is not advisable to get a massage when a cancerous condition is present. If your doctor has given you an ok for massage treatment while you have cancer, the best and safest treatment would be to seek out a qualified massage therapist who specializes in oncology massage.


If you went out and had a few drinks before your appointment, and you are intoxicated, PLEASE STAY HOME. Alcohol desensitizes your pain tolerance and your ability to give proper feedback regarding pressure. The circulatory work we do in a massage treatment causes your blood vessels to dilate.. this can cause your blood alcohol level to rise, because your blood is moving faster. This can potentially make you very ill. The same goes for heavy-duty pain medications. If you have been drinking, or taking heavy pain meds or muscle relaxers, whether prescription or illegal, PLEASE STAY HOME. If we do suspect you are under the influence, we will send you home.



If you do choose to come in when you’re sick, or when you have any of these contraindications, please do not get upset when we send you home. We are here to help, not harm. Massage under these parameters can harm. So again.. if you’re sick, PLEASE STAY HOME.

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Disclaimer: If you are ill, or have a medical condition, acute injury, are pregnant, or have a chemical dependency, please seek help from your licensed healthcare provider.

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