Shift Your Mindset, Change Your Life

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been through some HUGE changes in my life. Some changes were planned and exceptionally happy ones. Other changes were not planned, and emotionally, financially, and energetically disappointing. Some were even crippling.

Just as I wrote about in my previous post, Choose Empowerment, what we think (ahem.. our MINDSET) tailors our perception of ourselves and the world around us. Hey, life happens, right? How we react forms our mindset. One BIG ‘ol human truth is that our mindset plays a big role in who we are. And we can shift our mindset no matter what life has blessed us with.

A running coach I worked with years ago always used to repeat the following nugget of truth, to the point of irritation… I got the message as an athlete.. but I get it even more deeply now as a healer, mom, friend, woman…  The quote is this:

Whether you think you can, or think you can’t… you are right. -Henry Ford


Yep, that’s me, thinking to myself “I Can”… circa 2008-ish

If your mindset is negative or limited, this is how you will see life. If your mindset is positive and joyful, this is how you will see life.

What mindset are you looking at your life with right now?

Me personally, I’ve had a rough go the last few years. I have felt really stuck and limited for the last year or so, in particular. I recently found myself saying things like “I used to…” or I am a “former”…   And every time I catch myself saying those words, I’m bothered by them. I certainly don’t want to have people think of me with that “she used to” perception!  I don’t even want ME to have that perception of myself, either!

As I had this realization, and started to really look at my life, I realized I needed to shift my mindset. I needed to make some changes. But how? Where do I start?

The Universe has a funny way of providing what we ask for, friends. 

Earlier today, I attended a seminar taught by my friend, Ken Baum. Ken needed a volunteer at his seminar, and I’d raised my virtual hand on social media and said I’d be available to participate. Ken is a hugely successful motivational coach to pro and aspiring pro athletes across the globe.

At the time I volunteered for this event, I was NOT thinking about myself or the changes I have been feeling called to make. I just figured 1) I had the day off, 2) I could potentially help someone, and 3) maybe I’d learn something in the process.

And what happened?

Holy moly!! Pretty cool stuff happens when you raise your hand and decide to participate in life. Friends, this is a reminder… when you feel your intuition pulling you to do something different and outside of your comfort zone… DO IT!!

Pilates 004

That time I stepped out of my comfort zone and ended up on 2 infomercials with Mari Winsor of Winsor Pilates

In the hour or so I was there, I met 4 really fantastic coaches. This was a certification training for coaches, and I couldn’t have found a better group to help me with defining my own goals, and (without them even realizing), to kick me in the ass.

As they were perfecting their coaching skills and training techniques with me, I began forming a VERY clear picture of things I wanted to change in my life. Not only did I identify WHAT I wanted to change for myself… but I actually got for myself an exceptionally clear mental picture of HOW to begin.

I don’t know about you, but once I have a mental picture and a very clear goal with a plan… the rest is mostly just showing up and participating every single day.

I came home directly from this seminar and immediately wrote out the goals I had envisioned. Tangible, do-able goals. And then I wrote a basic schedule to incorporate working on these goals in my planner. Just as easily as I used to do before my life turned upside down and my lifestyle changed. Had I forgotten how to do this? No. But I’d lost my spark of motivation for a short lil decade or so…

In that one hour I spent with Ken and his coaches… my entire mindset shifted. They probably had no idea. But it was wildly profound for me. I have a spark back. And determination. And now a plan.

I’ll share regular updates and progress reports as this journey unfolds for me. Right now, I’m in the space where I absolutely KNOW this is the next step, and I am ready!!

Shift your mindset, change your life.

fullsizerender-13 Love, Cam xoxo

Note: MUCH love and gratitude to Ken Baum, and his coaches. Thank you for the work you did this morning!! You will impact more lives than you even know with this work. Keep doing what you are each doing!!

And for my dear readers… Have you ever had a powerful moment where your mindset shifted and you just KNEW? Did you ever have someone make a powerful impact on you in an ordinary everyday encounter? Get in touch and tell me your story, I want to hear it!