Service Enhancements

In our professional studio, you already know we offer Therapeutic Massage Therapy, Reiki Energy Healing, and Crystal Healing sessions. But did you know we have an Add-On Menu of service enhancements to add even MORE to your treatment?

We currently offer 3 additional services to enhance your session:

Foot or Back Scrub – If you have not tried our foot scrub service yet, you MUST! We offer a luxurious Champagne and Rose oil free foot scrub. The scrub smells absolutely delicious, as we gently exfoliate your skin. Hot towels remove the scrub, leaving your skin feeling baby soft. Lotion application completes the experience and your feet or back feel silky smooth!

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Dry Brushing – Even the ancients knew the importance of this technique! A dry natural bristle tool will brush the skin, increasing circulation, moving stagnant lymphatic fluid, exfoliating the tissue, and opening channels in the skin for elimination. Hot towels remove any skin cells raised by the brush. Your massage will then commence with our professional grade massage lotion for a deeply moisturizing treatment. After your session is complete, you take home the dry brush with our compliments!

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Ear Seeds – This enhancement is like reflexology for the ears. Auricular Acupressure works with pressure points in the ears to promote wellness and balance in the body.  Ear seeds are applied to pressure points in the ears, and will remain in place for 2-5 days. Periodically, you just touch the seeds to stimulate the pressure points. Ear seeds are available in small metal seeds, or chakra colored crystals for targeted chakra balancing work. The look great while they promote balance!



Book your session online right now, and you can choose to add any of these services to your massage or energy healing session. Session enhancements are a small additional cost, but they add huge value to your session.

To add any of these to your session, let us know before your session begins.

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Treat yourself to an enhancement at your next session. Self care is Self love!

Love, Cam xoxo