The Breast Pillow

Did the title of this post catch your attention? 🙂

Sorry guys, this post is primarily for the ladies.. but read on, you may want to share the news with all the women in your life. You’ll be a hero!

Did you know that there is such a thing as a therapeutic breast comfort pillow for massage therapy treatments?

This probably sounds really weird, right?

If you are a woman who is, shall we say, “blessed” in the chest area, or if you are someone who has had reconstructive surgery, or are breastfeeding, or have had breast augmentation, this little gem is for you!

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If you have a difficult time or find discomfort in the chest area when laying face down on a massage table, this cushion is the answer to your prayers. This cushion supports and cradles chest, shoulders, and neck for comfort when lying face down. And yes, it works!  I’m actually speaking from experience here, sisters… I LOVE the breast pillow!

Why am I even talking about this topic?

I am very excited to announce that my lil ol’ treatment studio just received a brand new, cushiony, super-comfy breast pillow for use in your next treatment session!

Ladies, we have a breast pillow available for your use in your next session!!!

That’s right! If you’d like to try the breast pillow out at your next appointment, just select the free add-on for Breast Pillow when you schedule your next session, or let me know before your session begins. Even if you aren’t large, and you just want to try it out, please ask! There is never any  charge for using the pillow during your session.

The pillow goes on the massage table, under the sheet. When the client is laying on the table face down, the breast pillow gently cushions and supports the chest and shoulders! And it really does support and cushion your “girls” to maximize your comfort!

Have you scheduled your next session yet? Book any massage session online and remember to choose the FREE add-on from the drop down menu for breast pillow.

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FullSizeRender (10)   Love, Cam xoxo