Card Readings

Cards are ancient spiritual divination tools using symbolic imagery along with intuition or psychic abilities to answer the many questions that come up in our individual life paths.


Card Readings can help bring validation, encouragement, insight, a sense of direction, and opportunities in times of both happiness and struggle. Cards can indicate when it’s time for potential life change, and cards can confirm details about your question to lead you to think deeper and make choices for your highest good. Card readings can help to alleviate worries, and bring a sense of peace and calm to your daily life.

Sometimes the cards can point out behaviors or patterns that need attention. They can identify potential hurdles to overcome and can be a tool that reflects fears, doubts, insecurity, and cards can even act as a mirror to point out imbalances and major life issues that need attention.

Other times, the cards can confirm blessings, abundance, positive behaviors, and shifts for the better, which can promote peace and well being and confidence on your life path.

We offer remote professional card readings. Readings are performed by Cam personally, via email. Reading prices range from $45 – $70, depending on the layout. Readings can be done in a variety of layouts, depending on the nature of your question. Cam reads both Tarot and Oracle Cards.

After you contact us, Cam will reach out to ask specific questions regarding your inquiry and offer instructions for your reading;. after we have your question(s), you will receive a comprehensive reading with detailed card meanings and Cam’s impressions and inner guidance specific to you, via email. Typical turn around time for a remote reading is 2-4 days.

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Love, Cam xoxo