Massage and Bodywork: What’s the Difference?

What's the Difference between Massage and Bodywork? Aren't massage and bodywork the same thing? You may have already seen me post on my Facebook page the words "massage and bodywork studio" in describing my business.  But what does that mean, exactly? You massage a body with hands, right? Doesn't all this stuff mean touch? Well, yes, these words CAN mean touch, … Continue reading Massage and Bodywork: What’s the Difference?

Holiday Happiness

Today is December 12...  Only 13 more shopping days until Christmas... (GASP!!)  Does knowing that freak you out, or make your heart pound??  Why do we put ourselves into such stress at this time of the year? Time, money, calories, parties, ridiculous expectations, go go go... do do do... shop shop shop... Does anyone really … Continue reading Holiday Happiness