Participate In Your Own Healthcare

I can and do help clients achieve wellness and balance, but my work is only truly effective if the client shows up and actively participates.

The Currency of Energy Exchange

Have you ever given any thought to how we came to use money? No, no, no... this is not a blog post about economics. Rather, this is a topic that goes back to ancient times. Our modern world chooses to trade money for goods and services, but it wasn't always a monetary exchange. It's quite … Continue reading The Currency of Energy Exchange

Emotional Release After Massage, Bodywork, or Energy Healing

Have you ever had an emotional response after a massage or bodywork session? Where several hours later, you maybe found yourself all of a sudden sensitive, or weepy, or emotionally drained, or even angry? It's not uncommon to have an emotional release after a bodywork treatment. Why does this happen? It's mostly due to unreleased … Continue reading Emotional Release After Massage, Bodywork, or Energy Healing