Therapeutic Massage For Pain Relief

I am now retired from the massage industry, however, in my former professional massage practice, I specialized in therapeutic massage for pain relief. My practice was not really the place for gentle relaxation massage or the foo-foo-fluff like a swanky day spa. There were no body treatments or seaweed wraps. If you were looking to … Continue reading Therapeutic Massage For Pain Relief

What Would You Like To Accomplish?

Before I begin any massage or bodywork session, I will ask the question "what would you like to accomplish today?" This sometimes seems silly to clients. But it's an important question, and not one I hear a lot of therapists ask. Obviously, if you are visiting a massage therapist or healing practitioner, you probably want … Continue reading What Would You Like To Accomplish?

My Roots In Therapeutic Sports Massage

I love my holistic wellness career, but my roots are in Sports Massage. I've got nearly a decade of massage experience, and not just that fluffy, relaxation type stuff. I might sound "woo woo" sometimes when I speak, and maybe I even seem kind of "weird" with my energy and crystal therapy work... but did y'all know? I'm a former seasoned endurance athlete, and I hold an advanced diploma in Sports Massage.