The Gratitude Jar

What comes to your mind when daylight savings time ends? When the leaves start turning color and falling off the trees.. and when the weather turns chilly? (Yes, even in Southern California, it gets chilly and leaves actually do fall off trees here...) Seasonal changes are FANTASTIC! And I'm not talking just pumpkin lattes and ugg … Continue reading The Gratitude Jar

Mad Love for the Foam Roller

Wanna know a secret? I have a mad mad mad mad LOVE for the foam roller. For reals. I personally own two foam rollers, and you'll find them in random places in my home. Yes, I actually do use them often. I also have a mini foam roller that is usually in my car, just in case of emergency (yes, … Continue reading Mad Love for the Foam Roller

Do I Really Need to Drink Water After A Massage??

Why does your Massage Therapist ALWAYS tell you to drink water after you get a massage? Do you REALLY need to drink that water?  Ummm.. YES!! Massage is a fantastic way to reduce stress, improve circulation, increase immunity, reduce fatigue, relieve tension... I could write volumes on the benefits of massage, but for today, let's focus our attention … Continue reading Do I Really Need to Drink Water After A Massage??