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Looking for high quality essential oils? 

I have worked with essential oils in my personal life, and in my professional practice, for many years.. I truly do love me some quality essential oils! What’s so great about essential oils? Read my previously published post all about oils HERE.

Have you decided you want to learn more about oils, or try them for yourself? There are certainly an overwhelming number of essential oil companies to choose from! How do you pick from all the choices out there?

Basically, look for purity. Look at where the ingredients are grown and sourced. How is the oil extracted from the plant? Are there additives, chemicals, or fillers added? These are all great things to ask when learning about essential oils. Quality over quantity really does make a difference!

I get asked all the time about what oils I prefer. I have personally worked with a whole lot of different companies, and many produce fantastic quality products.

My favorite brand is Simply Earth. This is a small family owned company. They are conscious of price point while offering a pure product. And they donate 13% of every purchase to a charitable cause that directly impacts my beloved massage industry. Because I love them so much, I became an ambassador and wholesaler for Simply Earth Essential Oils.

Now you may ask, is one brand better than another? Not necessarily! There really are great choices out there! Simply Earth is just my own personal favorite out of the ridiculously large amount of oil companies I’ve worked with.

You may have heard of those major multi-level marketing (MLM) oil companies that have pretty much cornered the market, but if you know me, you know I don’t usually ever follow the crowd.

Yes, I have previously worked with those brands of MLM essential oils. I still use a blend or two from one company in particular, and that’s totally ok! I just have a hard time aligning myself with the price structure of those MLM companies, when there are equally wonderful oils available from companies of integrity and at more affordable price points.

This post is not an invitation to debate anyone over who’s oils are the best or most scientific, or smell the best, or have the prettiest label. I’m stating my own personal preference, based on a lot of factors, and my own personal experience. If you have a differing opinion, I honor that for you.

Why do I love Simply Earth essential oils? Personally, I love the company as a whole. I’ve had phone and email contact with one of the owner brothers on a few occasions, and you won’t find a more pleasant, informative, accommodating, approachable company owner around. Every interaction with this company has been above and beyond for me.

This is a family owned business, and they take great pride in their product and customer service. The oils are sourced globally where crops indigenously thrive for the purest product available. Oils are either cold pressed or steam distilled for quality and purity. And 13% of their profits go to end human trafficking, a cause near and dear to my heart, as this particular issue impacts my beloved massage therapy industry deeply.

Simply Earth has some fantastic products, including a monthly subscription box that is AMAZING!! Monthly essential oil delivery with recipes and suggestions on how to work with the oils, and every tool you need to make their recipes. So easy and simple, and so much fun!!

Who knew bringing nature home could be such a good time?

No matter what brand you choose, always look for a quality product. Essential Oils can be a great addition to any wellness lifestyle… and they are so much fun to work with, too!

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Have you already tried Simply Earth essential oils? If you have, tell me what you LOVE about them! If you have not, what are you waiting for? Let’s talk essential oils and how they can enhance your wellness and your home!

Love, Cam xoxo

PS: In full disclosure, some of the links above are affiliate links. This means that I get a small commission when you purchase a product. This in NO way changes any pricing for you. It’s simply a way the company thanks me for telling you about their product. I only EVER talk about products I absolutely love and adore and actually use personally.