House Blessings

House Blessings are a sacred space clearing service intended to cleanse, bless, and raise the energetic vibration of your home or office.

Why a House Blessing? We all go through changes in life. A House Blessing can shift the energy in your space after a  life event, trauma, or change.

Many events can shift our human energy field. It’s important to take care of the energy in your home or office when these events occur.

A House Blessing is a great ritual when you’re moving to or from a new space, acquire a new office, start  a new business, new marriage, new baby, lifestyle change, experience trauma, divorce, death in the family, depression, and more. Our environment directly affects our personal energy!

Utilizing a variety of energetic tools including, but not limited to Native American  smudging, Reiki Energy, indigenous space clearing techniques, sound therapy, crystal energy, aromatherapy, and more!


We will assess the energy within your home or office, and clear the energy as needed, using a variety of energy clearing and indigenous cleansing techniques. After the cleansing ritual, we re-energize your space with a ritual designed from positive intention and affirmation, higher vibrational energy, and sacred blessings.

House Blessings are performed by an Ordained Minister and Reiki Master Teacher.

This service is an energetic cleanse and spiritual blessing for your space. This is NOT a maid/cleaning service.

While a House Blessing may likely move energies along that do not belong in your space, this is NOT a service specifically intended to remove malevolent paranormal activity.

House Blessings are not only just for homes. We are happy to perform this service in your commercial space or office, too!

Pricing varies based on the size/square footage of the space. Minimum payment is required at least 48 hours prior to scheduled appointment time, and any additional charges are payable upon completion of the session. Initial deposit is $300 for up to 2 hour session; additional time is billed at $150/hour. Depending on location, travel fees may apply.

For more information, or to schedule your House Blessing appointment, contact us HERE.

Love, Cam xoxo