Lymphatic Drainage Massage

Most people have heard of lymph nodes, but say a term like Manual Lymphatic Drainage Technique or Lymphatic Drainage Massage and most don't have a clue what that even means.. sometimes their eyes even sort of glaze over. So... what is Lymphatic Drainage Massage, anyway? Basically, this specialized massage technique works to activate and cleanse the … Continue reading Lymphatic Drainage Massage


My Roots In Therapeutic Sports Massage

I love my holistic wellness career, but my roots are in Sports Massage. I've got nearly a decade of massage experience, and not just that fluffy, relaxation type stuff. I might sound "woo woo" sometimes when I speak, and maybe I even seem kind of "weird" with my energy and crystal therapy work... but did y'all know? I'm a former seasoned endurance athlete, and I hold an advanced diploma in Sports Massage.