What is Reiki?

As both an Usui Reiki Master Teacher, and Karuna Ki Reiki Master, I am often asked to explain what Reiki is. The short answer is that Reiki is "healing energy". But what does that mean, really? Let's break down the concept of Reiki Energy for the purposes of learning and understanding the basics: Reiki (pronounced Ray-kee) is a … Continue reading What is Reiki?

What Is Crystal Healing?

When I tell people I work with crystals, or that I practice Crystal Healing, or that I'm a Certified Crystal Healer, their initial reactions are quite amusing.  They all get this "look" on their face. Sometimes it's just raised eyebrows. Sometimes, it's total confusion at a new idea. And sometimes, they just look at me like I … Continue reading What Is Crystal Healing?

Emotional Release After Massage, Bodywork, or Energy Healing

Have you ever had an emotional response after a massage or bodywork session? Where several hours later, you maybe found yourself all of a sudden sensitive, or weepy, or emotionally drained, or even angry? It's not uncommon to have an emotional release after a bodywork treatment. Why does this happen? It's mostly due to unreleased … Continue reading Emotional Release After Massage, Bodywork, or Energy Healing