Essential Oil Choices

In my own home, and in my professional wellness practice, I use and work with essential oils regularly. I have worked with many different brands of essential oils, over many years, with great success. Aromatherapy, and it's essential oils, are fantastic tools that work on physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual levels to bring about harmony, balance, and wellness in … Continue reading Essential Oil Choices

Holiday Happiness

Today is December 12...  Only 13 more shopping days until Christmas... (GASP!!)  Does knowing that freak you out, or make your heart pound??  Why do we put ourselves into such stress at this time of the year? Time, money, calories, parties, ridiculous expectations, go go go... do do do... shop shop shop... Does anyone really … Continue reading Holiday Happiness

The Magic of Essential Oils

As a massage therapist and energy worker, I've incorporated essential oils into my treatment sessions for years. But recently, I learned the science behind how powerful essential oils really are. Essential Oils are potent, powerful wellness tools in little glass bottles! I had no idea there are some pretty big differences about quality, purity, and potency. And I personally learned some … Continue reading The Magic of Essential Oils