My Roots In Therapeutic Sports Massage

I love my holistic wellness career, but my roots are in Sports Massage. I've got nearly a decade of massage experience, and not just that fluffy, relaxation type stuff. I might sound "woo woo" sometimes when I speak, and maybe I even seem kind of "weird" with my energy and crystal therapy work... but did y'all know? I'm a former seasoned endurance athlete, and I hold an advanced diploma in Sports Massage.

Mad Love for the Foam Roller

Wanna know a secret? I have a mad mad mad mad LOVE for the foam roller. For reals. I personally own two foam rollers, and you'll find them in random places in my home. Yes, I actually do use them often. I also have a mini foam roller that is usually in my car, just in case of emergency (yes, … Continue reading Mad Love for the Foam Roller