The Magic of Essential Oils

As a massage therapist and energy worker, I've incorporated essential oils into my treatment sessions for years. But recently, I learned the science behind how powerful essential oils really are. Essential Oils are potent, powerful wellness tools in little glass bottles! I had no idea there are some pretty big differences about quality, purity, and potency. And I personally learned some … Continue reading The Magic of Essential Oils

Do I Really Need to Drink Water After A Massage??

Why does your Massage Therapist ALWAYS tell you to drink water after you get a massage? Do you REALLY need to drink that water?  Ummm.. YES!! Massage is a fantastic way to reduce stress, improve circulation, increase immunity, reduce fatigue, relieve tension... I could write volumes on the benefits of massage, but for today, let's focus our attention … Continue reading Do I Really Need to Drink Water After A Massage??